Monday 9 July 2012

Ian Livingstone signing Blood of the Zombies at Forbidden Planet

With only a month to go until Blood of the Zombies rises from its grave to devour our juicy grey matter, this blogger is getting excited to pick up his dice and strike down evil with the flick of a pencil.

But while I won't be able to make it, Ian Livingstone is doing a signing for his new book at the Forbidden Planet Megastore in London on 4th August. Check the site for more details.

However, those unable to make it can order an autographed copy from the online store, which is exactly what I've just done. Check out the blurb:
In this adventure YOU are kidnapped and sold to a deranged megalomaniac who wants to build an army of undead to exact terrible revenge on those once mocked him. He hates everybody except for his scientists and servants. The scientists were instructed to develop a mutated gene in human blood which would be injected into innocent victims, turning them into Zombies. The madman's henchmen kidnapped hundreds of people who were locked up to await their fate. YOU are about to be injected with Zombie blood. The Zombie army is almost complete, ready to be unleashed upon the world in a frenzy of killing and wanton destruction. YOU have to avoid being transformed into a Zombie. YOU have to kill all the Zombies, dispose of the madman and escape from the castle. To do this you will need a lot of firepower to take down the hordes of Zombies. But don't kill everybody as there is one person who needs to be rescued...
The new adventure is set in modern times, which is only the second time this has happened, the first being House of Hell. I like the sound of 'you will need a lot of firepower'. Awesome. 


  1. Looking forward to this one! Fighting fantasy was at least 50% responsible for me getting into gaming as a teenager, and this book just *has* to be better than the stop gap measure I tried a few months back.

    Just don't bother...

    1. Me too - it's pretty much a gateway drug to awesome gaming times.

      I never read that book - was it that bad?

    2. I tried it. It had no dicing aspect and took strange paths E.g You choose to answer the phone in your apartment but the following text had you then deciding to leave the apartment and join the crowds - a decision which you would not have taken! Risen by Craig Earl was shorter but more fun and had the dice and random element to it. Not as involved as FF but a decent stop gap

  2. You could always try which was a closer mechanic to the FF games....

  3. I played Risen. It was a decent enough stop gap from an obvious fan of the genre. There is less chance of being killed off early than in some of the FF games and the game had a more adult theme with a mystery to solve. A decent enough effort