Sunday, 29 July 2012

Fabled Lands: The Court of Hidden Faces expected in "a couple of weeks"

Book five of the Fabled Lands series, The Court of Hidden Faces, will be available in stores in a couple of weeks, author Dave Morris has revealed.

The new gamebook, mostly written by Jamie Thomson, is set in Old Harkuna and Uttaku, which are modelled on Arthurian Britain and Byzantium respectively. Like previous entries in the series, the book will allow you to take on the role of an adventurer and live out a sandbox-style life, with the ability to travel between books.

Morris also stated on his blog that he is hard at work on producing the next book in the series: "I'm going to keep tinkering with the files for Book 6: Lords of the Rising Sun whenever I have a spare moment, and that should certainly be ready in good time for Christmas."

Originally the cover art for The Court of Hidden Faces was done by Kevin Jenkins, with interior art by Russ Nicholson, though it remains to be seen whether Morris will still be using Nicholson's artwork.