Tuesday 10 July 2012

Introducing Thornguard Challenges

Thornguard is my first sandbox solo adventure for Tunnels & Trolls and because it's so free-roaming there's a lot of opportunity to play around with some more traditional gaming tropes to add to the fun of the adventure.

Therefore, I'm introducing Thornguard Challenges - a new way to enjoy the solo. TC is a series of gaming style 'achievements' that you can choose to try and unlock as you play. The more challenges you undertake, the better your score will be. You may only complete each one once.

The challenges are as follows:

The Thief's Path - Join the Thieves Guild (10 points)
Copkiller - Kill at least one guard without getting caught (20 points)
Master of Monkeys - Gain the keyword chimpslayer (10 points)
Lord of the Manor - Buy a deed for a castle (30 points)
Buffy - Kill a vampire (20 points)
Master Thief - Complete a Level 5 job on the Thieves Guild job board (40 points)
Call Me Vimes - Complete a Level 5 job on the City Guard job board (40 points)
Taking Candy from a Baby - Complete a Level 3 job on the Merchants Guild job board (20 points)
Conan's Got Nothing on Me - Complete a Level 5 quest on the Quest Board (50 points)
Hoarder - Dump at least 10 items in your home (10 points)
Blackened Heart - Commit a crime whilst an Initiate of the Red Sun (20 points)
A Noble Path - Become an Initiate of the Red Sun (10 points)
Market Flogger - Join the Merchants Guild (10 points)
My God is My Armour - Complete 10 quests without wearing any armour as an Initiate of the Red Sun (30 points)
Friend of Hobbs - Convince a dragon not to attack Lowhollow (30 points)
Kleptomaniac - Complete 20 jobs on the Thieves Guild Job Board (40 points)
Epic Adventurer - Complete 20 quests (40 points)
Live to Serve - Complete 20 jobs on the City Guard Job Board (40 points)
Entrepreneur - Complete 20 jobs on the Merchants Guild Job Board (40 points)
Millionaire- Gain 1,000,000 gold (100 points)


  1. Are you going to use numbered paragraphs? I'm really curious as to how you are managing the sandbox-ey approach in a railroad-ey genre such as solo adventures!

    1. Well, it's available on Drivethrurpg if you want to sate your curiosity ;)

      But yes, numbered paragraphs and code-words.

  2. Oh, I hadn't realised it was already available! I thought you were working o it :)