Thursday 19 July 2012

New T&T Kindred: Darkwitch Night Elf

When Draknar Darkwitch entered the world, the darkness came. He was a powerful wizard who plunged Trollworld into one year of night by extinguishing the great sun in order to try to cease ultimate power on the world. He brought with him his creations: an army of creatures known as Darkwitch Night Elves, who thrived in darkness and proved themselves to be deadly warriors when light wasn't present. Draknar waged war against the dwarves, elves and monsters, slaughtering all who opposed him.

After six months, he has built a great tower called Ornark where he resided in comfort. But he was soon to find out that the once squabbling god-wizards were hatching a plan to rid the world of Draknar a re-light the sun. On the fields of Ostanath hundreds of thousands of warriors and wizards met Draknar's forces in battle. The god-wizards prevailed, slaughtering Draknar and restoring light to Trollworld. The Night Elves who survived retreated into the darkness of the tunnels beneath the world and created a small community.

Darkwitch Night Elf

Attribute Modifiers: STx1, DXx2 (x3 in total darkness), LKx1.5, CHAx0.5, INTx1, SPx1, CONx0.75

Special Features
Night Vision -Darkwitch Night Elves are able to see perfectly in the dark.
Fear of Light - Darkwitch Night Elves do not like daylight and tend to avoid it. They may spend up to 3 hours in daylight before having to roll a Saving Roll on CON equal to your current level. If you fail, you must seek shade (indoors) lit only by artificial light within the minute or temporarily reduce INT by 1. You will regain 1 INT per hour while in shade.
Natural Marksman - Gain a +2 to all DEX rolls when using a ranged weapon.

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