Saturday 15 January 2011

A bunch of T&T items

Pruning Shears of the Damned

Str/Dex Req: 10/8
Dice: 2+6
Magical Effect: If a player prunes a hedge (maximum 7ft tall) they can opt to shape it into a rough humanoid, which comes alive as a Demonic Hedge Monster of MR10 that fights with you. The Demonic Hedge Monster will shrivel up and die after three hours.
Description: It is said that the gardner of the leader of the 17th circle of the hell realms used these pruning shears to create terrifying hedge shapes.

Potion of Oakwood Skin

Effect: Whoever drinks this potion has his or her skin instantly covered in a magical bark. This effect grants them 10 hit armour (no doubles for warriors) but reduces DEX by 3. This effect lasts 12 hours.

Revelation Spectacles

Magical Effect: Revelation Spectacles allow the wearer to see hidden doors in their environment. The wearer sees the world in a green tint and secret doors show up as orange.

Ye Launcher of Rockettes

STR/DEX Req: 40/18
Dice: 25+70
Description: This heavy 4ft gunne fires a single rockette from its rockette hole.

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