Sunday 9 January 2011

Recent trollish purchases

The great thing about T&T solos is that they don't take up that many pages, making them suitable for printing without using up much ink/paper. Although I do buy hardcopies of some books, the cheap prices of PDFs are very hard to resist. So here are some T&T books I bought in the past week:


Yes, it's sexy cover time. Naked Doom is a classic T&T adventure written by Ken St.Andre, who is notoriously mean with his solos. For instance, in Naked Doom you start the adventure stripped of everything except a loincloth. Based in the city of Khazan, you are sentenced by the authorities to run the Royal Khazan Gauntlet of Criminal Retribution and Rehabilitation, which are a series of underground catacombs. I have yet to play this one, but I'll be putting a review up when I get round to it.

Purchase Naked Doom PDF


Another from the classic T&T era, written by G. Arthur Rahman Sea of Mystery is to my knowledge the first sea-faring T&T adventure.

Here's the copied synopsis because I'm lazy:

When you were small, your elders warned you that the Sea witches would come and take you away if you were bad. As you grew older, you heard a thousand different voices curse the pirates and slavers of the Sea. Your fellows told scary tales of carnivorous plants, the dreaded Mesgegra vampire-demon, and islands of beautiful amazons waiting for lost males.

On the coast below you sprawls one of the port cities on the Sea of Mystery. As you travelled here, you heard of the desert Yajna tribes and their raiding of the Iderian coast; of the Sardur raiders and their attacks upon Merchant ships; but this has not daunted you. You've always felt the lure of the ocean; now you can realize a dream. You shoulder your bag and march towards the take ship on the Sea of Mystery

Purchase Sea of Mystery PDF


This is the most recent solo by Ken St. Andre, released just before Christmas 2010. I actually recieved a copy as a gift from Ken, as did the other members of Trollhalla, but I wanted to buy it anyway in support of the game. This adventure does exactly what it says on the tin - it's a random rainbow maze. Your task is to enter the maze, fight the beasties and exit it, all the while keeping your beady eyes open for treasure. The curious thing about this solo is that, instead of numbered paragraphs they are all lettered. There's also a cool treasure generator that has all kinds of sweet items to find along your way. I'll be reviewing this one soon.

Purchase Khara Khang's Random Rainbow Maze PDF


I actually bought this as a hard copy and am eagerly awaiting it's arrival in the post. Penned by no other than Andy Holmes, The Hidden Halls of Ogul-Duhr is a mini-solo and sequel to Halls of the Gorgon, which pitted you against an evil gorgon who has taken over an abandoned Dwarf settlement. In Hidden Halls, you get to explore the Dwarvern caverns in more detail to try and find the riches within.

Purchase The Hidden Halls of Ogul-Duhr hard copy


  1. I recently purchaced and ran through Naked Doom for the first time. It was very fun and challenging. I think you'll enjoy it.
    --Cccrrrub Dgggrah

  2. Link to buy these PDF's?

  3. Good point, atoolongurl. I've put up the links now. Cheers!

  4. No sexy cover on the DTRPG version of Naked Doom? Pout!

  5. @Stacy, sadly not. Well, unless you find the guy sexy. Clearly he is.

  6. Thanks for the links. For which T&T edition are the PDF?