Friday 21 January 2011

Cthulhu Mythic: session one

As I said last week, I've begun a solitaire Call of Cthulhu adventure because I'm a sad, sad loner. I'm using the fabulous Mythic GM engine that does most of the work of the GM, along with the Call of Cthulhu 5th edition ruleset.

My first session lasted around an hour I reckon and it's actually turning out quite nicely. However, I am finding that an investigative game is a bit fiddly to play, since the aim is to unveil stuff as you go on, but since I'm playing on my own it's difficult not to know what's going to happen and who the big bad is.

In a nutshell, here's what happened in my first game. My character, Harold Greengrove, a physics professor in the Miskatonic University (where else?) grew concerned that his assistant, Robert Tapert, had not returned to work in three days and won't answer his calls. Harold went to see Robert at his apartment and found the man a nervous, pale wreck. Apparently he had witnessed a cult of some sort summoning a creature as he was walking through the park. Harold decided to investigate but the park was swarming with police, who were there because of a seemingly unrelated incident, but they weren't forthcoming about it. Harold decided he would come back later that night. Robert appeared at Harold's door that night, appearing to have mostly got over the fright he had and asked if he could help Harold, if only to settle his mind. They set out into the park at midnight but found nothing except a burnt out fire.
The day after Harold went to the University library to check the newspaper records of anything suspicious going on in the park. He only found a story about the police in the park, but there was no other information. After asking around students and staff to see if they saw anything in the park, an art student called Emily Harris had witnessed the same thing and had drew a picture of it. Harold noticed the cultists' robes had symbols on them, so he spent the day researching to find out what they meat. He found that it was the symbol of Yig, a snake-like god that is said to communicate with snakes, sending them after anyone who he sees as a threat to his cause.

To be continued...


  1. I don't know what the Mythic GM engine is. is it something that creates the adventure as it unfolds??? If so, how can it possibly create an investigative adventure -- as opposed to, say, a classic dungeon with rooms, monsters & treasure?

  2. Check this out, Digo

    It basically uses logic and probability as its foundation. Is it probable that this certain thing happens? There's a target precentage to roll depending on what the degree of probability is. It's much deeper than this, but that's the basic outline.