Thursday, 20 January 2011

Minis for Song of Blades and Heroes

I'm awaiting a package today. Check out these babies that I ordered for Song of Blades and Heroes from

This is a Dwarf Skirmish Pack that gives you 20 Dwarves in all different poses for a mere £6.00. Seriously, that's a bargain. I think I'll also start using these 15mm minis in my RPGs, but I'll have to see how they look on the battlemat first.

I also bought a pack of 10 Human Characters, all in different poses. I figure this lot should give me enough to get a good game going. These were only £3.50.

I've also got my eye on some more minis to boost my warband.

You can't go wrong with a couple of ogres in your army. These guys are from the Hordes of Things range, as is this awesome Wyvern:

Yeah, I'm going to have a lot of painting to do.