Sunday 9 January 2011

My first solo - Depths of the Devilmancer

I really didn't think I'd get it finished in a week, let alone a day, but I've just completed writing my first Tunnels & Trolls mini solo. It's called Depths of the Devilmancer and it's a lighthearted adventure for 7.5 (but can easily be converted) for warriors level 1-3.

The synopsis is that you are sailing to Galinor in search of treasure. You have heard that there is a cavern there that holds untold riches, and you want to get your grubby paws on them. Except, there's something evil afoot in these caverns. People from the local port have been going missing and it's been said there's a Devilmancer living in there. Devilmancers have the ability to communicate with the hell realms and summon demons and devils to do their bidding, as well as other horrors. There's a hefty bounty on the head of the Devilmancer and you think you have what it takes to kill it and rescue the captives. Be warned, however. Sinister traps and even worse foes await you in the belly of the world. It's unlikely that you'll be returning.

At 40 paragraphs and 12 pages it's a mini-solo, but I'm hoping people will get a kick out of it. Where else are you going to fight a Toadmatician or solve a rubick's cube to set a ghost free?

After it's been playtested by some friends in Trollhalla, I'll most likely be putting it up on Drive-Thru RPG. I hope you'll take it for a spin.

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  1. That sounds really cool -- I look forward to seeing it at Drive-Thru!