Sunday 16 January 2011

Bust some clouds in first New Khazan adventure

Last year the good folk at Peryton Publishing released New Khazan, a sci-fi setting for Tunnels and Trolls written by the excellent Tom K Loney.

The first published adventure for New Khazan, Cloudbusting, was released yesterday on Drive-thru RPG, being the first in a series of adventures that form the Quest for the Trollstar campaign.

This is the description on Drive-thru RPG:

A signal from the ancient homeworld of all the species of the 9,000 Worlds? It simply cannot be. But there, in front of your eyes, on the eye-corder is Kharrrghish script. Could this be the key to finding the mysterious and ancient Trollstar?

Peryton Publishing also publish the quarterly Tunnels and Trolls magazine Elder Tunnels and created the Peryton Fantasy Roleplaying Game.

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