Tuesday 18 January 2011

Song of Blades and Heroes

I want to thank the ever-awesome Bard over at The Clash of Spear on Shield for leading me to a most excellent new game for me and the guys to indulge in. Bard posts up battle reports from a fantasy miniatures skirmish game called Song of Blades and Heroes along with some great photos of the action. I've been looking to return to wargaming but I don't want to spend bazillions of dubloons on minis, but this game, having at max around 10 figs per side, makes life much easier in the wallet department while offering simple yet deep gameplay.

I downloaded the rules yesterday and read through them and was thoroughly impressed. I found a great site that sells really cheap but good quality 15mm minis and ordered a band of 10 humans for £3.50 plus postage.

Ganesha Games have really expanded the game with various books that add new twists to the formula. The one that caught my eye was Song of Drums and Shakos, a set of Napoleonic rules for the game. Since I have quite a few Napoleonic miniatures (British Infantry from Perry Miniatures) I decided to purchase this expansion too.

In future I'll be posting up battle reports and tid-bits on the game, but right now I want to thank Bard for leading me to a great new game.


  1. Don't forget the teddy bear companion edition, Song of Fur and Buttons - it's a gentler version of toy combat for kids.

    And I concur, SoBH is a great game.

  2. Thanks for the kind tip o' the hat to my blog -- far kinder than I deserve! I really look forward to hearing your impressions once you get to play it. Just like Alric, I agree it's a great game.