Saturday 26 February 2011

Beholder for T&T

MR: 80 (8d6 + 40)
Armour: 5 Hide
AP: 100


1 Spite/ Fire Ray - Target must make L2SR-DX or suffer 1d6 fire damage
2 Spite/ Hypnosis Ray - Beholder casts Mind Pox. It must roll LXSR-DX where X is equal to the level of the target. Beholder has 15 DX.
3 Spite/ All Rays - Target must make a L4SR-DX or suffer 4d6 fire, lightning and cold damage. The target is also unable to act in the next combat round.

Beholders are bizarre floating creatures with large, gaping maws, many eyes protruding from its head on stalks, and one large eye in the centre of its face. Each eye can fire a ray of elemental energy at its target and the main eye is capable of hypnotising its prey into a zombie-like trance.

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