Saturday, 5 February 2011

Edition wars are stupid

It seems like most games that go through multiple editions have their own fan spats. Clearly the most prominent at the moment in the D&D 4th edition 'war', where the 'new school' crowd embrace aspects such as skill challenges and powers, while fan of earlier incarnations rage about these exact things, saying that it strips away the potential for roleplaying.

Guys, this in-fighting is ridiculous. So what if you don't like 2nd edition AD&D? Don't play it. Hate 4th edition with a vengeance? Play any other edition.

Look, Dungeons & Dragons, no matter what the edition, is Dungeons & Dragons. Someone who plays only B/X has as much right to say they love D&D as the person who plays 4e. Can't we just take all these editions, no matter what their merits and faults, under the same banner of D&D? We love D&D. The grognards playing 1st edition love D&D. The 3.5 players love D&D. The 4e players love D&D. When 5th edition comes along it'll be the same old thing. But whatever. I'll give it a try and if I like it I'll play it and if not I'll play another edition. No skin off my rosy nose.