Friday 25 February 2011

Mogwrath the Dwarf

Mogwrath Mosschewer
Lv. 3 Dwarf Warrior

ST: 40 (42)
DX: 19
CH: 13
IQ: 15
LK: 30
CN: 38
SP: 15

GP: 273
AP: 3008
ADDS: 53 (55)
MISSILE: 60 (62)

This is my current T&T character. He's definitely the best I've had in the game, especially after a fortunate run through Beyond the Silvered Pane where he received a 7 point upgrade in every stat. His weapon of choice is an enchanted scimitar (9d6) which he plundered from Ogul-Duhr. He also has a ring that allows him to control any feline creature and a shield which absorbs TTYF spells. The reason some attributed are in brackets is because his Ring of Power gives him +2 ST when worn.

In short, I don't want this guy to die.

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