Monday 28 February 2011

My Ferrenai warrior

A couple of days ago I detailed my conversion of Nicholas Cloister's awesome Ferrenai race, for Tunnels & Trolls.

So far I've run him through both Buffalo Castle and Eye of the Serpent. I'm using my hybrid of 7.x and 5th edition rules, which seems to be a popular way to homebrew these days. As you can see I've not yet spent the money I got from nicking the emerald in EotS, but I think I'll get him some new armour and a better weapon than a common spear, although it has served him well so far.

Err, yeah his CHA is zero. He started off with 3 and let's just say he had a bad experience in Buffalo Castle.

Tre'Nlow Mudwater
Lv 1 Ferrenai Warrior

ST 13
DX 25
CN 16
LK 11
IQ 9
CH 0
SP 8
WZ 10

Adds: +14
Armour 16
Talent: Gymnast 29 (DX)

GP 1313
SP 176
CP 80
AP 284

Common Spear (3+1)
Misericorde dagger (2+1)

Arming Doublet (3)
Magical Bracers x 2 (2 each)

Green silk cloak (35g)


  1. I don't know the homebrew rules you use, but shouldn't his adds be +14? If using 5th edition rules his missile adds would be +27.

    Too, armor should be 14? (3x2=6 for doublet; 4x2=8 for bracers)

  2. Ergh, you're right about the adds. They were originally 25 when his DX was higher but I realised that was a miscalculation and changed it. Must have forgot to change the adds. With armour I'm including the Ferrenai's natural armour. Cheers for pointing it out.

  3. I do not know how you are handling stats advancement in your system but under the 7.5th edition rules it costs 0 adventure points to advance from 0 Charisma to 1 charisma.