Wednesday, 9 February 2011

My new D&D accessories

I've decided to take my 4e D&D game to the next level. Up to now I've been using a vinyl mat with annoying 1.5" squares and occasionally Gaming Paper. Now all that's changing.

I've been thinking a lot about how to run an excellent game and realised that the story, although important, isn't the sole aspect of the enjoyment of D&D. A big chunk of it comes form the visual aspect. So I've decided to invest in a few things:

- Gamemastery Friend and Foe cards
- Gamemastery Essential equipment cards
- Gamemastery Wonderous Treasure cards
- Gamemastery Temple map pack

I'll also be investing in a new large vinyl mat with 1" squares as well as some 3D terrain. The Gamemastery cards will do wonders in helping players visualise the NPCs they come across and the items they collect and I'll be using a lot of dungeon tiles and map packs to augment the vinyl mat.

Now my question to you. Can you tell me where I can get reasonably priced 3D terrain and terrain pieces (e.g. barrels etc)? I would need a UK site since that's where I'm based.