Saturday 26 February 2011

New Kindred: Ferrenai

Disclaimer: I didn't invent this kindred, nor do the awesome artwork above. All that hard work was done by Nicholas Cloister from RPG Creatures. All I've done is re-stat it for Tunnels & Trolls


The Ferrenai are intelligent beings, but emotionally and socially quite different from the typical human. They never greet each other through words or gestures, but seem to take other tribe members for granted. This wordless acceptance of their fellow beings prevents many conflicts in the Ferrenai tribal life. To them it is natural that opinions differ and they never really bother with changing the minds of others, until matters of life an death emerge. The hierarchy of the Ferrenai tribal system solves most disagreements very swiftly, and if not, a ritualised fight to the death is undertaken.

Read more about the Ferrenai here.

ST x1
DX x3/2
CH x1/2
CN x1
IQ x1
SP x1
LK x1
WZ x1

Special Abilities
Fishy Flashback: The Ferrenai are able to tune into the memories of fish and other aquatic creatures, though the information gathered is often quite unreliable. They have a 50% chance of reading a fish's memory. This ability can only be used once a day.

Natural Armour: The Ferrenai's skin is hard and resilient and cannot succumb to burns, frostbite or skin disease. Their skin acts as a natural armour granting 2 armour absorbtion when not wearing armour. This does not stack with full suits of armour, as full suits take precident over natural armour.

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