Saturday 5 February 2011

Of Dabbers and Yexils - A Gamma world report

On Thursday I GMed my first game of D&D Gamma World and I thought it rocked.

I've played it before but I was itching to create my own adventure in this awesome setting. I ended up using my home town as the setting. I originally had it planned that locations were named after ancient celebrities (Garbo wastes and Monroe Village for example) but I changed my mind at the last second. I'm glad I did.

The story began when two pure strain humans showed up in Crossed Gates claiming they could use their purifying machine to turn any mutant into a pure strain human. Naturally people jumped at the chance, including Marl Boro, an old lady with cigarettes for eyes. While this was going on (taking played in the shelled out shopping mall down my road) our heroes were investigating the humans' presence. That night the heroes woke to a scream and they rushed outside to see three weird plant lizards attacking the townfolk. After defeating them and a bit of investigation the group figured out that these three were the volunteers from the day before who turned into pure humans. After further investigation they realised that the 'humans' who came to town were Dabbers, intelligent racoon folk, who were clearly up to no good.

After following some leads the group found themselves trvaersing the wasteland to the Killing Beck (a place actually called Killingbeck) to the seemingly abandoned PeppoCorp factory. After hacking their way in they found 'Top Sekrit' plans that uncovered the Dabbers' plot to use the purifying machines to create evil creatures they could control. Plans were found for a Yexil Tank, which was basically a huge lion creature that can fire lasers from its eyes, but armed with two huge guns and power armour. The group found the parts for the armour and got to work trying to create armourand guns they could use themselves. This was really cool because I set a this task as a hard DC but the Yeti Swarm player used an Omega Tech card outside of combat to jack himself into a machine and enhance his perception, pointing out what should go where as another player used his high mechanics to create the guns and armour. I handed Omega Tech cards to the mechanic which represented the guns and armour they created and after a lot of 'Awesome! Check out all this damage" they were on their way.

With the help of a Russian Drillbot left over from when PeppoCorp was operational, the group broke into the factory floor and found a room full of Purifyers. There were two Dabbers playing around with one of them and a Shieldbot patrolling the perimeter. With some quick thinking, Vector the Plantroach scuttled up onto the ceiling, waited a minute and dropped down onto the bot, pinning it to the floor. Then the doppleganger electrokinetic 'JPEG' reprogrammed the Shieldbot to make it fly inbetween the Dabbers and explode, causing high damage. They then finished the Dabbers off with Omega Tech because a Yexil burst out of one of the purifyers. After an awesome fight with Alpha mutations and Omega tech flying everywhere the group prevailed and set the purifyers to overheat, destroying them.

I adore this game. I've found that those who are usually RP shy with D&D really get into RP here because the characters are so far removed from reality. The guy who played the cockroach plant did a great job of grossing everyone out by constantly eating things and vomiting while using there disgusting traits to the group's advantage. Omega tech and Alpha mutations are awesome and keep the game fresh. However, the only problem I have is that players tend to talk about their tech and mutations for a while when i'm trying to move the game along. I guess it's good to be excited, but it can break up play somewhat.

If you haven't tried D&D Gamma World, I urge you to get a group together and go for it.

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