Sunday 25 February 2018

D20 fantasy political regimes

1. Warlockracy - governed by elite magic users. Non magic users tend to be poorer with low prospects.

2. Drakism - taxes are collected solely for a non-ruling dragon to stop it from destroying the city.

3. Hauntocracy - governed by ghosts of previous living leaders.

4. Delverism - only adventurers are able to vote or lead

5. Shamanism - governed by a shamanic psychopomp

6. Corpsocracy - only the dead have the ability to vote. Often overseen by a necromancer

7. Magi democracy - a random person is chosen to govern annually by a mysterious floating eye.

8. Golemonarchy - the monarch is a magical construct with sentience.

9. Doomocracy - government controlled by those most able to see into the future

10. Vancian communism - an equal society where people forget about their tyrannical ruler every morning.

11. Equinism - only horse owners can be part of government. Centaurs are revered.

12. Hydrocracy - usually in desert locations. The ones with the most access to water can rule.

13. Underocracy - people living underground are governed by unseen surface rulers, usually by letter or magical means.

14. Aviocracy - only winged people can govern. Non winged people live in sky slums.

15. Goblinism - ruled by the high Gob, the one who smells worst and has the wickedest laugh.

16. Infernalism - governed by the high priest who serves a patron demon. Eventually the demon devours the priest and a new ruler is selected.

17. Killocracy - once every ten years everyone who wants to rule is let out onto the wilderness and have 10 days to survive. The remaining person becomes the ruler.

18. Bluffism - only liars may rule, anyone found to be telling the truth is exiled.

19. Arboreal monarchy - the Gunto tree produces new green monarchs who die in 120 years in an event called the Withering.

20. Foolocracy - only the biggest village idiot is able to rule

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