Monday 5 February 2018

Quill: White Box - Warlock

A magic-user who pulls magic not from dusty tomes and yellowed scrolls, but from a pact made with the hellgods themselves is known as a Warlock. They wield a primal power, but walk a fine line between sanity and lunacy.

Warlocks in Quill: White Box are temperamental and often quite mad. They know that once their time has come their soul will be bound to the demon they made an agreement with, so they make every word count.

Penmanship: Poor
Language: Average
Heart: Good

Class Ability

Demonic Pact: At the beginning of the letter you may choose one attribute and roll two  dice. The highest result you roll is the automatic result for any test using that attribute in this letter. This cannot be re-rolled.

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