Saturday 24 February 2018

Introducing Fortressmaze, the evolving dungeon project

It's coming up to nine years of Trollish Delver so I wanted to do something to celebrate. I'm kicking off a new blog project that may one day make it into print - an evolving megadungeon called Fortressmaze. This is basically an open source dungeon and I'll be asking you guys to get involved in its creation - from its history and internal geography to its inhabitants. I want Fortressmaze to become this living, breathing entity that can be plugged into your OSR game, with stats created for Swords & Wizardry.

What we currently know about Fortressmaze

- it's a structure that has yet to be mapped beyond the first ten floors. There are theories that it spans for hundreds, if not thousands of miles

- some magical scholars believe a dungeon of such magnitude is able to break through into other planes of existence

- there are villages and cities contained within, with their own governments and factions, mostly run by monstrous humanoids

- it has entrances around the world, and perhaps on other worlds

- the prevailing theory is that it was forged by a god to protect something of extreme value, perhaps something that could cause a paradigm shift

Look out for future Fortressmaze updates and polls on Google Plus to help create this massive dungeon.

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