Thursday 22 February 2018

The Gath of Burl

The Gath of Burl were spoken to life by the Ochre Wizards from words shaped like white string. They are human in appearance, with yellowed eyes and bat-like ears and their voices are like the ancient songs sung by dwellers of underworld.

The Gath of Burl are twenty in number, and none have yet perished. When they sleep, they slumber between the words of magical tomes. In the morning they lick the dust from old shelves and hum the somber melody of Yoharneth-Lahai, the god of little dreams and fancies.

Starting specialisms:
- Magical texts (Wits)
- Hearing (Wits)
- Singing (Ego)

Starting equipment:
- 1d6 shards
- Tome of Threading
- Marble eye

Bookwalker - Gath can disappear into the pages of a book, where they can live quite happily and age at half the normal pace. While in a book they can completely read it in 10 minutes.

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