Friday, 22 February 2019

B/X is the favourite D&D edition among gamers

Earlier this week I ran a poll on Mewe asking people to vote on their favourite edition of Dungeons and Dragons. While I know the sample size is too low to be anything near representative (45 entries), the survey did indicate that B/X is the crowning jewel of D&D.

A majority (40%) of respondents were all about B/X by Tom Moldvay and David Cook, a revision released in 1981 as a standalone game that ran alongside the AD&D line at the time.

Coming in second, 20% said 5th edition was their most loved version - an intergenerational favourite from Wizards of the Coast that stripped back the 4e clutter and went back to basics.

AD&D 1e garnered 15% of the vote, making it the third most popular edition, followed by OD&D with 11%.

The editions recieving the fewest votes were 4th and 3rd edition, which both got 0%, whereas 3.5, BECMI and Holmes Basic were just 2%.

What's your favourite edition?


  1. Dungeons & Dragons (1974), without Supplements. It has everything I need.

  2. This might also be because most of the RPG people I have seen active on MeWe are from the OSR side of things.

  3. "Show Me Your Friends, I'll Tell You Who You Are" comes to mind looking at this. It does sound a very small and biased pool of people.

    1. It absolutely is! I didn't even bother wearing a lab coat

  4. B/X continues to be my favorite version, with 5th ed as my second fave, so that tracks for me.
    But where's 2nd Edition (the version I started with)? Did it get rolled into AD&D 1e?

  5. As much as I still love 2e, B/X is absolutely the "official" version that I would be most happy to run. oD&D is just a little too fast and loose for my taste as a referee, though I'd be happy to play it if I had the chance.

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