Saturday 9 February 2019

Let's talk about how incredible Break!!! looks

Break!!! could well be the most beautiful game not yet released. I've been following the game's development since the designers began blogging about the creation process in mid 2014, seeing it blossom like a pink candy rose into what looks to be a sumptuous anime-inspired experience.

Those breezy pastel brush strokes are courtesy of Grey Wizard, a phenomenal artist whose style evokes fantasy manga by way of the NES. Mr Wizard is one half of the talented Break!!! team, whose scribe is Reynaldo Madrinan, though both take design duties on the game.

Looking at the sample pages the team has blogged, you'll notice its ruthless design efficiency. This is a manual designed to help readers learn to play, littered with helpful markers, keys and uncluttered layouts. It's the best pathfinding I've seen in a roleplaying book so far. It looks like a videogame and boardgame manual had a child.

Break!!! sits somewhere in the modern fantasy genre. Races include the cat-like Rai-Neko, the 'perfect' Promethean, and the orcish Bruun, while players can also take on the roles of blue collar workers, retail workers and desk jockeys. I'm not super into anime, but dear lord does this game interest me. Following the game's development, you'll see how much of a labour of love Break!!! is. Recent pictures show dabblings with a die-cut 3d world map. It's gorgeous, as everything I've seen in the game has been.

Needless to say, I'm waiting with bated breath for Break!!!. 

Images property of Grey Wizard and Reynaldo Madrinan. Used with permission.


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    1. Awesome! Grey Wiz, I haven't seen you for ages!!!!

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