Saturday 23 February 2019

OSR monster: Shingran

The Shingran is unlike any creature you've faced before on your adventures. For starters it has no material form - it exists only when imagined. Once imagined, it will seep into the material world and hunt those who imagined it to the death. Just reading a description or seeing an image is enough to develop a Shingran in the mind. Once the seed is planted it takes 1d4 hours to 'gestate' before appearing within 3d6x10ft of the imaginer. Once someone has seen a Shingran, they must save vs spells or another Shingran appears. There can be up to 10 creatures appear at one time in this way. While I'm loathe to describe the creature to you I will begrudgingly give you some keywords to help: slavering, bone, eyes, cat-like, tendrils, jaws, carapace.

AC 14 (5)
MV: 30'
ATK: Tendrils (d8) or Bite (d6)
SAVE: As W6 (or 10)
SPECIAL: Mind Gestation

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