Monday 25 February 2019

Hedgemen of the Bramble

You have been walking this wood for some time. In a clearing you are greeted by Tomnick, of the Hedgemen Spineguard - a race of humanoid hedgehogs.

He sees that you are weary and takes you to the burrow, a maze of chambers, a city of soil. The berries are sweet here and they clear your head. Tomnick says they will help you see in the dark.

The Castidors are the protectors of the royal quill and upholders of the underlaw. They wear sparrow beaks as necklaces. Their gods are fearful.

Dellylane mixes potions from tree gum, owl blood and pollen. She can no longer fetch the dandelion needed for her tinctures for the toadstool people have stowed them.

You are seated on a feather cushion before the Grand Hog. She is high from nettle smoke and her lovers have all fallen asleep. When the full moon rises she must leave the burrow for the last time and make her trek to the lake where she must perish, as is the holy rite. She requires champions to accompany her.

Their tapestries depict the foxwars. The vizier says the foxes have returned, led by a new king. Their guild, The Tooth and Claw Society will descend swiftly and quietly. They will leave none alive.


  1. Oh no ... no one is alive at the end. Dang. Though, I like that the berries help to see in the dark. Cool beaners.

  2. This is just the sort of thing to put into your weird and wild forest. I'll definitely be using this in my next Campaign.