Sunday 24 February 2019

Dungeon Nights dev diary

I've been working solidly on Dungeon Nights since I put the 'lite' version on the blog. I originally kind of just wanted to expand the lite rules slightly and make a nice pdf but things have changed. I've ended up expanding the game considerably because I've kind of fallen in love with it.

Avanor. That's the baked in setting that's referenced throughout. There's no setting section. Instead I've drizzled setting into the rules. You get an inkling of who the Shadow Seven are, and how powerful the three Great Mages might be. You know that different cultures have different mounts - Thorish tend to use giant moles as transportation, while Frigos use riding bears. It's kind of apparent that Vennans drink lots of wine. Gnomes are made of pure magic but nobody really knows why - it's up to the group.

Class specials have been expanded too. All classes have at least three of them. They can build strongholds, fortresses, guilds, temples and towers at higher level. Thieves actually do sneak damage. Clerics can turn undead.

Even more, mercenaries can be acquired, there's advanced combat rules, languages also have dialects (78 combinations of language and dialect - speaking glade dune means desert elf language. Gloam gob is night goblin), there's more magic, weapons do varied damage, there are proficiencies and journey tag rules have been introduced.

In other words, it's much fatter. It's a bit B/X with some OD&D but mostly new. Completely compatible with OSR adventures. The only reason I'm not writing an adventure with it is for this reason - there's a tonne already out there.

It's pretty much there now. I'm currently tackling spells - there's a tonne more than in the lite version but a bit fewer than Swords and Wizardry. Any add ons to it will probably be short, punchy pdfs.

Anyway, I'm excited to show you the new Dungeon Nights.

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