Tuesday 10 May 2011

Announcing Project Stormvault

I've begun work on a new publication for Tunnels and Trolls under the project name Stormvault for Trollish Delver Games. It's going to be a campaign setting but with a difference. I'll be releasing snippets of Project Stormvault over the next couple of months before release. I'll be following the same sales model of TDG's other books - free PDF and relatively cheap print version.

I'll keep you posted  - hopefully this will be something that T&T players can really sink their teeth into, but I imagine that you could convert to other FRPGs.


  1. Looking forward to more about this, especially since it will be T&T specific. Will the edition matter? I'm a 5/5.5 person myself and that would be my vote, not that you asked ;-)

  2. @knightsky thanks very muchly.

    @akfu23 It will be written for 7.x but as with all good T&T products it will be easily backwards compatible with 5th/5.5

  3. I still say give nothing but promotional stuff away for free.