Monday 9 May 2011

The tale of Drong and Drokki

In my solo Depths of the Devilmancer, there are two Dwarves called Drong and Drokki who explain to you what's happening in Port Gloomstorm and help you on your path. I really like these characters and have decided to flesh them out more in order to put them in future adventures.

Essentially these guys are a comedy duo like Wayne and Garth, Bill and Ted or Jay and Silent Bob. Drokki's the (sort-of) straight man while Drong is the thick one with a heart of gold. They both want to help, but aren't always successful in their own adventures.

Drokki Snotkicker was brought up in the Black Mountains, where he excelled in his studies and when he left school he became a very knowledgeable librarian. Drong Hamfists, on the other hand, dropped out of school in his first year so became a waste disposal officer- which he wasn't exactly much good at. In 1324, the Year of Shadow in the Dwarvern calender, the Black Mountains were invaded by Hobgoblins and Goblins, who wanted to expand their territories in the north. As there were so many, Drokki and Drong were conscripted into the army and spend a year fighting the creatures.

They met because Drong saved Drokki's life. A particularly nasty Ogre had cornered poor Drokki and was about to slice him up with his mighty cleaver when Drong leapt off a ledge and decapitated it with his axe. Since then they have been firm friends and Drokki, who was once snobby about those with lower intellect, respects Drong more than anyone else in the world.

Once the war was over the two went back to their normal jobs, but often met up for ales at the Rockhelm Tavern. After a couple of months, Drong and Drokki met up with the same things on their minds: they wanted out. They experience exhilaration and excitement that they'd never felt before the war and they craved more adventure. So they both decided that they would quit their day jobs and leave the Black Mountains to seek adventure. 

I'd really like these guys to make regular appearances in my solos and GM adventures and perhaps even start some fiction about them.


  1. I really liked these two when I played Depths of the Devilmancer. Quite a fun pair. Devilmancer is a great adventure BTW, looking forward to playing it again.

  2. Thanks a lot Bard, I'm so glad you enjoyed it.