Monday, 16 May 2011

The five God-weapons [Project Stormvault]

A large aspect of the campaign world of Project Stormvault will be what I call the God-weapons: five mystical items supposedly put on the planet at the dawn of time to be one day wielded by the worthy. These powerful weapons are scattered in the hidden places of the world where men only whisper of and not even the most ferocious best dare go. One is in the Dire Mountains, one under the Ebony Forest, one in the Sea of Silver Ships, one in the Kakora Desert and the last in the Gorgolashana Caves. Few people know these locations; only the three Magisters and the odd scholar.

The five God-weapons are as follows:

Beleshia, Queen of Blades
Type: Falchion
Dice: 300 + 200
Req: ST 30, DX 25
Special Abilities: Beleshia is indestructible. In addition, the wielder increases her DX and ST by 30 when Beleshia is wielded.

Horgart, The Hellhammer
Type: Warhammer (2-handed)
Dice: 350 +230
Req: ST 60, DX 32
Special Abilities: Horgart is indestructible. In addition, it has a 20% chance of killing anything it hits.

Velastina, Bow of Angelic Songs
Type: Greatbow
Dice: 140 +150
Req: ST 25, DX 40
Special Abilities: Velastina is indestructible. In addition, it includes a quiver of infinitely replenishing arrows. All DX saving throws made with this bow are reduced to level 2.

Barvizora, The Staff of Storms
Type: Staff
Dice: 120 + 100
Req: ST 10, DX 7, WIZ 40
Special Abilities: Barvizora is indestructible. In addition, it knows all 13th level spells and below.

Selena, The World Dagger
Type: Dagger
Dice: 160 + 130
Req: ST 20, DX 17
Special Abilities: Selena is indestructible. In addition, it has a 20% chance of summoning an Earth Elemental with MR 200 every time the wielder attacks with it. The Elemental stays in play for 3d6 rounds.