Friday 27 May 2011

Jay and Silent Bob pimp RPGs

Snooch to the nooch all. I've been an ardent listener of the Smodcast Network for sometime now and since cult director Kevin Smith and his comrades launched Smodcast Internet Radio (S.I.R) just 3 weeks ago I've had the likes of Jay, Silent Bob and Jen Schwalbach massaging my ears with their crudely hilarious humour.

Since the show is free they have to run a bunch of ads, but rather get people to send in their own audio ads, the radio hosts read from scripts, which are more often than not deviated from for comic effect.

So what's this got to do with RPGs? Well, the other day they ran an ad for Victoria, a roleplaying game set in Victorian England where players can solve mysteries with Sherlock Holmes, brush shoulders with Captain Nemo or even track down Jack the Ripper. Apparently the game will be shown off at Gen Con too.

This made me smile a lot. Smodcast has a wide array of listeners, so exposing a large audience to roleplaying is really great. I know Jason Mewes (Jay) plays D&D and he was getting pretty excited about it when he was reading the ad.

Unfortunately, I can't find any information online about Victoria, so if you know of a website please shout it out because it sounds intriguing.

Kevin Smith fans would do well to check out Smodcast and SIR, which provides me with constant entertainment throughout my working week. I've just got to practise not laughing out loud like an ass when I'm at my desk.

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  1. It also turns out is a very, very cheap place to get an advertising spot. Not sure if they are still looking or not, but I think it was only $200 to get a 2 minute spot. If you've got a game and are looking to sell it, might not be a bad place to get yourself a commercial.