Monday, 23 May 2011

D&D Lair Assault brings the rage

It seems that every few months Wizards of the Coasts sparks some new controversy in the roleplaying hobby that sets the blogosphere alight with 4e bashing and defending. You've likely heard now that the gaming goliath is starting a new in-store tournament programme called Lair Assault, which sees a party teaming up to scramble through really tough dungeons, using their tactical know how, knowledge of the rules, and ability to optimise their characters to complete the events.

This has created quite a stir in the community, with some prominent bloggers coming out hard against WotC's move to appease the min/maxers and remove the roleplaying from a roleplaying game.

Look, this isn't something I'm going to take part in. The fact that the press release states that Lair Assault is "pitting the skill of the players against the wits of the DM" really puts me off, since that essentially makes the DM a bad guy rather than a referee in this scenario. But I don't care if people want to play this if they find they enjoy it. I can't really see it taking off, due to the amount of people, both deriding it and defending it, who state they won't play it; but if it does then great, let people enjoy themselves. I can get on with playing D&D the way I like it, and let the tactical players get on with assaulting lairs.

Yes, I'd much rather Wizards spend their resources supporting current games, like Gamma World maybe, which they're really neglecting, but I couldn't care less if they want to put another event on. I don't have to play it and neither do you.