Tuesday, 10 May 2011

New T&T Kindred - Automata [Project Stormvault]

Automata are mechanical creations of Clock Mages - magic-users who spend their lives creating a clockwork replica of themselves from impossibly intricate mechanisms. Once wound up Automata can continue functioning almost indefinitely, as long as they mind themselves up at dawn when they begin to get sluggish.
Most Automata come from the Winding City, where a good majority of Clock Mages thrive. Their presence generally denotes that their creator has passed away and they are his or her earthly representative. While they are a marvel to behold, Automata are not good conversationalists, although they are capable of disjointed speech that sounds like grinding gears, and they often try to mimic others in their actions. Many Automatas get jobs in manual labour due to their strength, often in the mines. Others, however, choose to explore the world and become delvers out of curiosity more than a want for money.

Automata are unable to use magic, so may only choose the Warrior type in character creation.

Their stats are as follows:

ST: x 2
DX: x 1
INT: x 2/3
SP: x 3/2
WIZ: x1
CON: x 3/2
LK: x1
CHA: x 1/2

Trait: Automata are created from metal able to withstand extreme heat or cold. Natural fire or cold attacks do 1d6 less CON damage because of this.