Sunday 1 May 2011

T&T Monster: Hexwood Crawler

Hexwood Crawler
MR 64 (7d6 + 32)
Special Damage: 
Spite 1/Wink Wing
Spite 2/Mind Warp - When 2 sixes are rolled Hexwood Crawler does 1d6 INT damage to the target. 

Special Ability:
Camouflage - Hexwood Crawlers are able to blend into forest surroundings. Every time a player attacks a Hexwood Crawler they must pass a L3-SR on LK or do half their hit point total.

Hexwood Crawlers are three-foot long quadrupeds with stalk eyes and needle-like teeth. They hunt in packs of 3-7 but generally don't stray too far away from their nests. Hexwood Crawlers make their nests in large hollowed out trees where they store bodies of anything they catch for their young to devour - of which there can be up to 10. They are masters of camouflage and are able to teleport to ambush their pray. However, before attacking, the Crawlers attempt to psychically disable their prey by turning them into slobbering imbeciles. To communicate they emit a call in a frequency that only Leprechauns and Fairies can hear. To them it sounds like a high pitched, drawn-out whistling that can be heard from 200 ft away.  

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