Tuesday 24 May 2011

My T&T solos video part 2

Turn this up a bit.


  1. Yeah, that was tough to hear. You don't have many of the Flying Buffalo solos?

    There's a few solos that have been released in the past year or so you should try and get your hands on if you haven't all ready. I didn't see them in your two reviews so I'll mention them briefly.

    Final Exam by W. Scott Grant is very good and can be found at Lulu.com. PC plays a wizard taking...what else, his final exam.

    Escape from Khosht by Andrew Greene. Can be found at rpgnow.com from Fabled Worlds Games. PC teams with a couple of rogues to heist a gem. I really liked the writing quality in this game.

    And Dan Hembree's Tomb of Baron Gharoth and Temple of Issoth--you did have Temple. Solid writing and gameplay.

    There's a lot of "quickie" solos being kicked out right now for T&T that aren't too compelling, so it's good to see some lengthier titles written by authors who take things a bit more seriously than what we typically see for T&T. Nice job, gents!

  2. The only solo I haven't got out of your list is Final Exam and it's one I've been meaning to buy. I have the rest in PDF form.