Saturday 28 May 2011

Coming soon - DemonLord

Do you crave an old fashioned dungeon crawl? Do you think adventures should be riddled with horrific traps and horrendous beasts to challenge the players' mettle? If so, my new roleplaying game DemonLord should suit you well.

DemonLord is no walk in the park. Death lurks around every corner and players will have to have all their wits about them to emerge alive.

DemonLord is all about hack 'n' slack and getting awesome loot. Players will be able to kit themselves from head to toe with equipment such as the Ring of Endtimes, the Radiant Spear of the Tides and Chainmail of Dragonoath. Only if they are armed to the teeth with trinkets, armour and weapons can adventurers stand a chance of surviving a quest.

The new roleplaying game uses an original d6 system that offer quick and easy gameplay suitable for solo play.

DemonLord's first draft is close to completion and I hope to have it available from late June/ early July. I will keep you updated on progress and I hope you try the game out.


  1. When do you expect this to be out? It sounds interesting!

  2. I'm aiming for early July. The first draft of the rules is almost complete, then it'll need playtesting.