Wednesday 14 December 2011

Bonefiend {Steal This Monster}

Lurking in some forgotten tomb amongst the detritus is the Bonefiend, a spectral humanoid who covers itself in the bones of the long dead. The creature lures its prey by casting an illusion of a room full of priceless treasure before pouncing.

Level 3
ST: 18, DX: 30, LK: 12, CN: 50, INT 6, CH: -6, WIZ: 20, SP: 16
Personal adds: +28
Weapons: Claws (4d6)
Spite: 1/1
Special Abilities: Spooky Touch - If Bonefiend does damage with his claws, the target makes a L3-SR on CON. If target fails, she cannot move for 1d6 rounds but can attack as normal.
Spells Known: Mirage

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