Thursday, 8 December 2011

Turn your warrior into a Godsword {T&T}

Tunnels and Trolls has always lacked a cleric-type character like in many other popular fantasy games. To be honest, this makes complete sense because Trollworld technically doesn't have deities. Instead it has the God-Wizards of ancient times who were beings with such immense magic that they were, for all intents and purposes, gods. 

But that isn't to say that people in Trollworld don't worship and pray to higher powers. The sea-faring Cyruks are obedient to their god and ruler Zweetz, the serpent wizard and of course Gristlegrim is the creator of the dwarves. It's only natural that different cultures will worship whichever god-wizard brought them into being.

I have always thought clerics and paladins to be in the realm of D&D, so I think a better term for them in T&T would be 'Godswords'. Why? Well, mostly because it sounds way cooler than cleric but also because it follows the simplistic aesthetic of the T&T universe. These guys worship and hack.

So what does it take to turn your default warrior into a steel-toting preacher (how bad-ass is that)? Godswords are people who don't back down from a fight and will battle to the death for their cause, so armour would be a good place to start. Full suits, helms and shields will aid Godswords in their struggle against the unholy terrors that plague Trollworld. It's not uncommon for a single Godsword to take on many enemies at once, so she needs to be clad to the teeth in steel.

Weapon-wise Godswords prefer to fight valiantly in close quarters with the wretched enemy, so a sword or hafted weapon that delivers as much damage as possible is a must.

So far, you could have made a generic kitted out warrior, but now let's get to the meat of the Godsword. Preferred stats are strength, constitution and charisma, as they have to be both handy in battle but able to persuade others to join their ways. Make sure you carry at least enough healing potions for each of your party members, as Godswords are sworn to heal as well as smite. Likewise, make sure you have spare rations for the needy you made come across on your adventures.

Recommended talents are as follows:

Medical Knowledge (INT), Preach the Word (CHA), Can Take a Beating (CON), Everyone Trusts a Priest (CHA), Calming Demeanour (CHA), I Know Evil When I See It (INT).

As you can see, Godswords are very charisma-based warriors, relying on both their might and words to win the day.

Let me know what you think of the Godsword and whether you will give one a shot.