Sunday 11 December 2011

Plans for 'A Delver's Guide to Peakvale' {Campaign Settings}

It Came From Beyond the Stars kicks off a series of adventures set in the kingdom of Peakvale, a campaign setting contained in Ken St. Andre's Trollworld. 

There's a severe lack of settings for T&T and I want Peakvale to be familiar but at the same time unique (whether it will be the latter remains to be seen). I've given a short introduction to Peakvale in the new adventure through the story rather than a bunch of exposition.

In essence, Peakvale boils down to a satirical look at current British politics and attitudes. The hobb king, Hobbletoe, is loved by the rich hobbs and humans of the land for his dismissal of the urooks from the 'fair' lands and the privatisation of many services, including the healing house. Different towns and villages in the kingdom have differing attitudes towards the king's rule. The capital, Thornguard, is the most divided, with 'uncommon' kindred inhabiting the slum district while hobbs and humans live it large in the King's Ward. Willowmoss and Lowhollow are very much royalists, agreeing with the King's sentiments for getting rid of the urooks, sometimes to the extreme.

While you have all these politics going on, there is some strange stuff happening at Lake Bloodmoon and the town of Redmarsh. The lake and town are located on the site of a fracture in reality where strange creatures sometimes emerge, but Hobbletoe has dismissed these strange occurrences as a result of vapours from the lake. Others in the kingdom have come to call this location 'The Wyrd' and it's said that beneath the lake is a network of tunnels spanning many miles harbouring the strange things that emerge through the Wyrd.

So that's a very quick primer to Peakvale. I will be producing a campaign guide with the working title 'A Delver's Guide to Peakvale' to accompany the adventures and allow you to create your own adventures in what should be a rich setting.


  1. I agree with you that T&T could use some fleshed out settings. I look forward to seeing this.

  2. You're spot on about the lack of T&T settings. Are you going to have future posts about your development/decisions on this product as you write it or just release it to the wild when fully finished?

    Either way I can hardly wait to buy it.

  3. @akfu23 I may do, I haven't decided yet. I think I may do spotlights on certain factors in the setting, such as specific urook tribes, the history of The Wyrd etc.

  4. Hundreds of pages of setting notes makes the best atmosphere, if only a one-liner used here and there, in scenario narrative, I've always said.