Saturday 31 December 2011

Plans for 2012 {Trollish Delver Games}

It's been a great year for the blog and I want 2012 to be even better. 2011 saw my first products being released through Trollish Delver Games, which was a big step in what I hope will turn into a much larger side-business. 

In 2011 Trollish Delver released the following adventures:

  • Depths of the Devilmancer (solo adventure for Tunnels & Trolls)
  • Forest of the Treelords (GM adventure for T&T)
  • Fast Food (GM adventure for T&T published in Elder Tunnels Summer)
  • Cabin in the Woods IV: The Stabbening (GM adventure for T&T published in Elder Tunnels Fall)
  • It Came from Beyond the Stars! (GM adventure for T&T published by Peryton Publishing)
2011 also saw Trollish Delver team up with Peryton Publishing to produce a line of T&T adventures, the first of which launched earlier this month. 

So what's in store for 2012?
  • Continuing the TDG/Peryton T&T line
  • Release Book One of the DemonLord gamebook series
  • Release A Delver's Guide to Peakvale
  • Release new T&T mega-solo
  • Continue with blogging goodness
None of what I've done this year could have been done without the support of my readers and friends, so a massive thanks to you all for making this the best year yet for Trollish Delver. Next year promises to be bigger, better and nerdier than ever.

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  1. This is very interesting. I'm a gamebook author myself, but there seems to be a lot of similarity between gamebooks and single-player modules of Tunnels and Trolls.

    If I want to sink my teeth into Tunnels and Trolls (without spending a lot, at first) Where would you suggest I begin?