Saturday 10 December 2011

It Came from Beyond the Stars! out now! {Trollish Delver Games}

My latest GM adventure for Tunnels and Trolls, It Came From Beyond the Stars!, has launched. You can get it from either DriveThru RPG or RPGNow, whatever your preference. 

The adventure, published by Peryton Publishing with awesome artwork by Jeff Freels and Simon Lee Tranter (see the new Trollish Delver logo), is set in Trollish Delver Games' campaign setting, Peakvale, and involves mysterious Lovecraft-tinged adventure.

Urooks are shunned by the ruler of Peakvale, King Hobbletoe, and have been exiled into the Greyshades, a dangerous and forbidden land. When a mysterious object falls from the sky and lands in the Greyshades the king seeks assistance from local delvers to enter urook country and retrieve. But the adventurers will come to find a nightmare unravelling as they venture deeper into the forbidden land.

The adventure is for delvers levels 1-3 and should cover one or two sessions.

Thanks to Tom K Loney, Mari Volmar, Jeff Freels and Simon Lee Tranter for bringing the first in the Trollish Delver Games series to life.