Saturday 3 December 2011

Character types: Musicians {T&T}

From the smoke-filled corner of a dingy inn to the festive halls of the King's court, musicians are at the heart of entertainment in Trollworld. They sing tales of heroic feats, great battles and lost love, captivating all who stop to listen. 

Musicians come in all shapes and sizes, from the pipe-playing elves of the Sinderwoods to the urook drummers of the Grey Mountains. However, none are as legendary as Fenrick Waterborn from Gull. Fenrick was a human who, at an early age, decided that he wanted to see the world, so he packed his bags and left home taking his famous harp 'Alelia' with him. Over the years he collected stories that he put into songs, such as the time he was almost trampled on by a family of rock trolls and that time when a bear challenged him to a drinking contest. Now thousands follow in his footsteps, journeying through Trollworld to discover the best songs inspired by adventure.

Character type: Musician
Prerequisites: 13+ CHA
Prime Attributes: CHA/DEX/INT/LK
Recommended Talents:  Musical (CHA), Storyteller (CHA), Live to tell the tale (LK), Improvisation (INT)
Special Abilities: Song of Inspiration - Once a day you may sing a song to inspire your allies. Each ally gains +5 to their next SR.


  1. What edition of T&T has talents? Is it 7.5?

  2. Ugh... But because you said "Type," I feel compelled to think how would I handle it.

    "Musician" Talent- IN, CHA, and DX must all be the same to start with to be any good at a chosen instrument. The total of these attributes can be added to any CHA-based roll or roll involving music within a ritual.