Friday 9 December 2011

Turn your wizard into a Lifekeeper {T&T}

Some wizards are born to destroy, others to create and some to preserve life. Lifekeepers are experts in the latter, using their powers to heal and prevent others from harm. Lifekeepers are also bloody useful people.

Keeping away from the front lines and casting spells on their allies, Lifekeepers are a rare breed of philanthropist, who spend her money on potions and spell books in order to help others. A party of delvers who happen upon a Lifekeeper would do well to hire her because she might mean the difference between emerging from the castle with piles of treasure and getting crushed by several trolls.

The Lifekeeper is very much based on intelligence, but a little charisma can go a long way too (call it bedside manner).

Past first level, Lifekeepers will choose to learn mostly spells that will benefit others, such as healing and redirecting damage. The following spells are ideal for this kind of wizard:

Level 2: Poor Baby, Hidey Hole
Level 3: Healing Feeling, Shield Me
Level 4: Protective Pentagram
Level 5: Resist Magic
Level 6: Blue Shirt of Life
Level 7: Invisible Wall
Level 8: Zapparmor
Level 8: Pygmalion
Level 13: Born Again

As well as spells, the Lifekeeper must know a thing or two about preserving life manually. Here are a few ideas for talents:

Medical Marvel (INT), Herbs are my Forte (INT), Potion Brewing (INT), Bedside Manner (CHA).

In terms of equipment, the usual staff and light armour will do. Make sure the Lifekeeper has a good stash of healing potions as well as any ingredients to make potions. A scalpel and foldable stretcher may also come in handy for those battlefield wounds. Oh, and don't forget the bandages!

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