Monday 26 December 2011

DemonLord: Book One ideas {Trollish Delver Games}

I hope you all had a great Christmas! Inbetween scoffing mince pies and turkey, I've been sketching some ideas  for the first book in the DemonLord series.

The first thing that I realised was how unoriginal I am. The ideas I have are taken from various existing gamebooks, mainly because they work really well and provide a great solo roleplaying experience. Here are some of the ideas I'm implementing:

The world of DemonLord is split into four factions: The Swordhand, The Brotherhood of Light, The Flametouched and the Nightstars. Each has their own background and way of working, such as the Swordhand being crusading warriors and the Flametouched having harnessed demonic power. Each faction can be joined (one at a time) and each offers a unique trait for your character. In addition, the inter-faction tensions allow for new paths and opportunities in the game.

While there is a main story, each book will feature randomly generated dungeons called Lairs. Each lair has a difficulty rating and an end boss, but each will be different every time you enter one. What I'm aiming for here is to allow for endgame content, where the player has finished the main quest but can still explore the more difficult lairs that weren't possible earlier in the game.

There will be a number of sub-quests to undertake, from killing a certain Lair Boss to transporting cargo to a new town. I envision there being 5-10 different quests per book and even book-spanning quests.

Collectable Cards
Each book will have its own set of cards to collect that tells the player more about the world. Collect them all for a special prize!


  1. Sometimes originality is over-rated. Modifying existing things is sometimes the best way to go about it. I'm ready to buy whatever you produce!

  2. Re: Factions (because I've always loved 'em -- factions in Planescape, cults in Glorantha, guilds & organisations in various BRP games...), are PCs going to join a Faction and that's it, or will they have an Allegiance-like score that will keep track of how earnestly they are living up to the ideals [or lack thereof] of the faction?

  3. @賈尼 Good question. I'd really like to implement the latter, so I probably will. It will probably just be a case of earning points whenever they do something in the faction's interest.