Tuesday 9 July 2013

Deities is a most unexpected Dungeons & Dragons album

Chamber Band don't immediately spring out as a band that would create tunes inspired the world's most popular roleplaying game - that's usually left to epic power metal bands and atmospheric instrumentalists. But their album Deities brings indie rock to the gaming table.

Chris from the band explained their motive behind producing the album: "It came from pure love of the game and the people I play it with. The band went all out on the production, roping in a few Grammy-winners to make it something you'd actually want to listen to more than once."

With song titles like Sleep Charm and Lawful Neutral, it's clear that Chamber Band aren't even making their love for the game subtle - which is great.

You can listen to Deities over here http://chamberband.bandcamp.com/ and download it for a mere $6. It's not really my cup of tea genre-wise, as you guys might know I prefer my music heavy as it comes, but do support these talented people who are spreading their love for tabletop gaming.

Kudos, Chamber Band. I hope your album turns out to be a critical hit.

Eh? Eh?


  1. I like Lawful Neutral-it's kind of skaish. The rest of the songs were okay.

  2. I like it sounds like an album that Marceline (from Adventure Time) would make about D&D.