Wednesday 10 July 2013

Help reprint Maelorum - the epic gamebook

Ok, well, author William Fincher probably doesn't need much extra aid, having smashed the $3,000 target to reprint his awesome Maelorum gamebook that I previewed not too long ago, but hell, anything to make it more cool!

Maelorum is currently sitting pretty at just over $16,000, which is pretty bloody brilliant. The gamebook is firmly in the dark fantasy genre, sporting a nice unique combat system and some great full colour images. Also, the hard cover looks gorgeous.

Basically, Fincher is wanting to print a new batch of revised editions of the book and I highly recommend you throw your money at him because Maelorum is bad-ass. Each character has their own story, which is makes the planning for the book dizzying to think about.

Go forth and partake in this!


  1. I looked up "Maelorum" on Amazon and found a paperback for a whopping $26.99. Yikes! I hope the revised editions are more affordable.

  2. Well worth it! It is amazing. Nothing like it out there.