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USR Setting: Albalia, the Emerald Land

Albalia is common fodder for children's tales, especially in the cold dark of the Winterlands. A green and luscious place, Albalia is said to be inhabited by all manner of creatures, from elves and fairies to gnomes and brownies. It is a place that effortlessly merges natural beauty with the glorious architecture of the elves - pearl and limestone.

The Court of Shining Steel

While Albalia is pleasant, it would be naive to assume that it didn't have its enemies. The Black King from the Darkpool Swamps craves the subjugation of all the citizens of Albalia. King Greenskye of Albalia formed The Court of Shining Steel, a gathering of the greatest warriors in the land to ward off the evil at their doorstep. Led by Captain Ellendra Moonfall, the Court often to battle with the forces of evil, proving a great threat to those who would seek to overthrow King Greenskye and take Albalia for themselves.

Each member wears armour fitted with a Spark Ruby shard. This creates extra protection for the warriors, giving them the ability to heal faster and shrug off blows more easily. Each shard is connected to the Shard Ruby sitting in the dungeons beneath the palace, which continually glows, providing energy to power the shards.
Art by Cesar Bayan

Captain Ellenda Moonfall
Role: Warrior of Shining Steel
Race: Elf
Action: d10
Wits: d6
Ego: d8
Hits: 23

Specialisms: Born Leader +4 (Ego), Spear Proficiency +3 (Action), Athlete +3 (Action)

Equipment: Spear +2, *Shard Chain Armour -3, Bootknife +1

Shard Armour: As long as the main Spark Ruby is energised, the shard gives an additional -1 modifier to the armour it is fixed to. The wearer also heals 1d6 Hits at the end of a combat encounter.

The Darkpool Swamps

Source: Scott Altmann
East of Albalia the Darkpool Swamps can be found. Miles of stinking swampland infested with diseases creatures present a problem for the people of Albalia. The Darkpool Swamps are reigned over by the Black King, a hybrid of human and stag, who sends his sludge monster minions to ambush villages in Albalia in order for them to bring back young flesh to devour. The more flesh he consumes, the stronger he becomes, until the time is right to march his diseased army on Albalia and take it for his own.

Sludge Monster
Action: d8
Wits: d6
Ego: d8
Hits: 7

Specialisms: Stealthy +2 (Action), Horrifying +2 (Ego)
Attacks: Sludge Suffocation +1 (melee)

The Black King
Action: d10
Wits: d8
Ego: d6
Hits: 25

Specialisms: Swamp Tactics +4 (Wits), Poison Maker +2 (Wits), Disease Immunity +3 (Action), Stealthy +3 (Action)
Attacks:  Antlers +2 (melee)
Equipment: Longsword +2, Leather Armour -1, Skull Amulet (40gp)

Plot Hooks

  • The Black King hires a group of mercenaries to find the lost Amulet of Ozzona within the Temple of Fall. The amulet will negate the power of the Spark Ruby. 
  • The PCs are immediately arrested as spied of The Black King and must prove their innocence by slaying him.
  • Sludge Monsters have taken the children of a village and the PCs must get them back.
  • The Black King is finally ready to march on Albalia.

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