Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Review: 2000AD Prog 1842 - Jaw to the floor!

Greetings, Earthlets - it's time to start your weekly helping of 2000AD reviews. Today we're looking at Prog 1842.
We kick off this week with Judge Dredd Scavengers part one, a follow-up to last year's Trifecta storyline which sees the floating city of Luna 2, 'God City', crash down into the Black Atlantic, much to the death of Mickelson the fisherman. Of course, when a nuclear missile come skimming out of the submerged metropolis with the Hall of Justice in its sights, it's action stations for Mega City One's finest. It's a heart-pounding opening with some great witty dialogue and some fantastic action.

Critchlow's art alone is worth the price of admission and with the promise of Dredd sentencing crims underwater, Scavengers looks like a promising story. Also, Dredd gets compared to a frog. Priceless.

Defoe is a personal favourite of mine and while Mills is a fantastic storyteller, Gallagher's artwork is simply stunning and honestly steals the show for me. Defoe is also our cover star this week, riding all guns blazing out of a reek's gob - it's top stuff. This week's instalment of The Damned sees some amazing action (bible bullets, anyone?) and a tempting deal for Titus. It's sumptuously sinister and a story that keeps readers on the edge of our couches.

Age of the Wolf III- Wolfworld reaches its third part this week. Rowan is tracking her daughter and generally being an absolute bad-ass, especially in the final panel. Jon Davis-Hunt really makes the art pop and his wolves are perfect. Aside from a bit of a weird part where a trio of rampaging deer mysteriously lose their antlers, his artwork is spot on. Probably the weakest story this week, but only because everything else is so good.

Dexter's having bad dreams - or are they prophecies? Sinister Dexter continues with Last Rights part two and Dex is anxious that Finny's going to destroy his and Tracy's blissful witness protection-based romance. We've got a conspiracy and a cliffhanger ending - so it's all good in the good with Sin/Dex.

Finally, we have Rob Williams' The Ten-Seconders- Godsend part 4 with lovely art by Edmund Bagwell. The hilarious Harris has come to the conclusion that he's absolutely mental and his dialogue with Kane is priceless. Paul Malloy appears to be blasted into kingdom come, but all is not what it seems.