Sunday 26 October 2014

7 roleplaying games to play this Halloween

Halloween is creeping around the corner, so you haven't got long to get your slutty C3PO costume together. Generally around this time of the year we gamers like to add a bit of horror flavour to our games, so without any further ado here are 7 horrifying RPGs to disturb your players this spooky season.

7. All Flesh Must Be Eaten

It's unisystem zombies, coming for your brains. All Flesh Must Be Eaten is a survival horror game that asks the question 'what if?', letting you and your players select a campaign world such as World War II, Modern Day or Post-Apocalypse. Either way, there are zombies and they want to eat your face. Buy it here.

6. Cryptworld

Cryptworld is all about hunting down evil forces. The spiritual successor to Chill, Cryptworld lets you pull stories from classic horror, no zombies or Cthulhu required. Buy it here.

5. Don't Rest Your Head

Don't Rest Your Head is a unique and creepy game that puts players into the shoes of insomniacs who haven't slept for so long that they have discovered the doorways to the Mad City. A very cool system coupled with an intriguing, nightmarish setting makes this one perfect for a late night session. Buy it here.

4. Dread

Another indie game, but one famed more for its innovative Jenga mechanics than anything else. In Dread, you get to plunge your players into your favourite kinds of horror stories, using Jenga as a task-resolution system. Should you send those bricks tumbling then you know that your fate is sealed. Buy it here.

3. Epoch

Epoch is a survival horror game with a focus on characters rather than stats. It's a fairly freeform game that rewards character play over killing things and taking loot - a perfect game for a one-shot. Buy it here.

2. Kuro

If you like cyberpunk and Japanese horror then you'll probably enjoy Kuro quite a bit. The story is that Japan is protected by a nuclear attack by some unknown force. Believing that Japan is in control of some fancy anti-nuke technology, the country is blockaded, leaving the Japanese people trapped. However, as reports of strange paranormal activity become more common, it seems that something else is trapped in there with them. Buy it here.

1. Call of Cthulhu

As if I was going to leave out the grandaddy of all horror games. Call of Cthulhu has some of the simplest, most effective mechanics in roleplaying, as well as one of the most beloved universes in horror. It's chocolate and peanut butter! Buy it here.

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