Friday 24 October 2014

Enjoy Halloween with these Tunnels & Trolls adventures

Halloween and Tunnels & Trolls are two of the best things, so here is a selection of spooky dooky scenarios for your game.

Death at Grimwood Hall by Scott Malthouse

Yeah, let's lead with one written by a handsome designer, shall we? If you're into Hammer horror, the macabre and social commentary, then you should get a kick out of Death at Grimwood Hall. Inspired by Frankenstein, this is a love story from beyond the grave. What starts as a murder mystery turns into a frantic race to save the kingdom.

Price: £1.40
Buy it here.

Elder Tunnels Halloween Specials by Various

Ah, one of the best anthologies for T&T, Elder Tunnels has three Halloween editions chock full of frightful fun. Contributing authors include Ken St. Andre, Tom K Loney, Mike Larsen and many more.

Price: Varies - up to £3.74
Buy them here.

It Came From Beyond The Stars! by Scott Malthouse

Ok, so I happen to like writing horror adventures. This one has a big fat dose of Lovecraft in it. The players must investigate at mysterious object that has fallen from the sky and landed in Urook territory.

Price: £1.40
Buy it here.

Stay Alive! Lite Edition by Jerry Teleha

This isn't a scenario, but a full-fledged game of survival horror from Darkshade Publishing. This is a really nice twist on the T&T rules and perfect for running your own zombie apocalypse game this Halloween.

Price: £0.62
Buy it here.

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